Rammstein is finally back in America and they've brought all of their toys with them. Sorry Gene Simmons, even all of the flash you picked up from Trump can't put KISS's show ahead of what these guys have in store.

You can still get tickets for tonight's show at The Forum with Combichrist on Craigslist, and even if your Craigslist contact leaves you high and dry in a Jons parking lot, it's never too late to head over to the after party at Das Bunker.

The last album Liebe ist fur alle da had considerably strong sales in America. If you really liked the album, you can still get the box set that comes with handcuffs and lube, oh and six pink dildos Used – Like New for $592.67 on Amazon.

LA Weekly gave guitarist Paul Landers a ring and asked him a few questions about the show they have in store for L.A., the North American experience so far, and loving Prince (Ed. note- love for The Purple One unites us all):

LA WEEKLY: First off, welcome to the US! What finally brought you guys back, was this a particularly successful album, or just because you wanted to get back?

PAUL LANDERS: First of all we had quite a bit to do in Europe; there was a big demand for shows. And compared to that – for a while – there were rather small offers here in the US but after 10 years we thought, “Let's test it out, let's test the waters.” And we put ourselves on the bill at Madison Square Garden to test things and it was sold out in 4 minutes so we figured there is a demand [in America] now. Following that we were able to book all these shows here and to bring our big show to the US.

I'm not sure if you are very familiar with the area. If so, do you have any favorite places in California or favorite things to do while you're here?

Well a couple of things we love to do when we are out here is wind surfing and surfing. But generally I have to say we're really happy to be out in the sun because we are from Berlin where it's not very sunny, sun just puts us in a good mood. I have to say, we love Los Angeles.

Has anybody told you that you are disrupting Prince? He's been playing at The Forum every weekend. Are you a Prince fan?

We are all Prince fans! But we think it won't hurt him too much if we play there one night.

Are the shows going to be different than the shows in Europe, because you haven't been here for a while? Are you maybe going to bring out things that have been retired from the European shows?

We're actually playing exactly our European show, there's not much to optimize, it's a huge show we're very happy with. That's what we are doing here.

You are touring with Combichrist again. Do you know the last time they played Los Angeles they headlined at the Music Box? Do you guys particularly like them or is there some other reason they keep ending up on the bill?

Well, it's really just because we are all gay.

We like them they are really nice people. I think it's important to get along with your opening bands because you're pretty much in close contact with them a lot.

And then I think we really compliment each other musically as well [with Combichrist] there not long sequences, they have no guitars, I think people are going to just be really amped up and can't wait till we break out the guitars. We're not bringing on some help-out metal band that people will be tired of and we can just rock out after they open for us.

And they're really nice to look at and they bring a lot of energy to the stage, they really bring a great show on as well.

Have there been any particularly bizarre, frustrating roadblocks you've come up against in North America? Has anybody ended up in jail this time?

Well nothing huge, but some of the small stuff that's been going on has been troublesome. We've been crossing the border between Canada and the US quite a bit. Two of us, Til and Flake, have been interviewed every time by the immigration officers. There's something in the computer from 10 years ago where apparently they did something wrong so they are pulling them out every single time.

It's gotten to the point where they have to leave an hour early to make it through that part of the border crossing

And now Richard has lost his passport so we're trying to figure out how we are going to get to Mexico and back, but other than that we're ok.

You know, this is Southern California and there are people here that can help you out with this border, right? Is there anything you want people to know about this tour?

Generally we have nothing to say. We put everything up on the stage. Everything that we have to say is in our show, but we are really happy to be able to play in the US and to see that Americans figured out that we are quite an interesting band who put on a great show.

Especially since that means that now we can play the really big stages and bring all our stuff over from Europe [to] play on this scale, where before we were playing smaller venues and now we can do our full on show in the US and we're really happy about that.

Thanks for your time, I'm sure you're really busy.

It's not that bad, really, I have a lot of time.

I think when people say they never have time they are doing something wrong because I always have a lot of time.

Hey Paul – that would be because you sir, are a fucking rock star, own it.

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