Paravi Examines Her Skeleton: Rising singer and songwriter Paravi has released new single “Skeleton” via RCA Records. It’s a soulful, emotional pop tune that has a chorus reminiscent of Florence + the Machine’s most epic moments. With a rap ending.

“This is a song about being the amalgamation of my parents, my chosen family, and my ancestors,” says Paravi. “For the first time in my life, I found myself questioning whether or not I’m good enough, talented enough, special enough to reach the levels of success and impact I’ve always dreamt of. I sat with myself and asked who the most powerful people in my life were, the most compassionate, kind, and hopeful. And the answers were my parents, my brother, my grandparents, and my relatives in India. My chosen family.”

“I realized it was the people whose blood runs in my veins,” she continues. “I am a part of them. I am literally part of my mother and father, my ancestors…our family tree connects more than just our last names, it connects us, who we are, and what defines us. I realized that if they can be strong, hopeful, and passionate, having to overcome the most immense parts of history, from the colonization of India to immigrating to the states…I can be, too. I am strong, hopeful, and passionate because it is in my blood and in my veins. They are all of those things, so I am all of those things. “My skeleton is a hand-me-down” from my ancestors, and that gives me strength to fight.”

The song was created with Ferras (Katy Perry, Dua Lipa) and Khushi (James Blake) and, according to the [ress release, “explores the raw emotions of imposter syndrome and self-doubt, bursting with soulful melodies. “

Paravi Examines Her Skeleton: Paravi’s “Skeleton” is out now.























































































































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