It's true. No one's ever scooped up a chicken wing, blistered and shaking off a livid hot sauce cloak, dragged it through a cup of creamy dressing, and, upon snapping it up, proclaimed: “Tastes like frog.” On Saturday, July 16th, at the Outpost Frog Fry, a joint venture of good vibes collectives Echo Country Outpost and HM157, attendees may make history — without having to do any 'gigging themselves.

Though fried frog legs, chicken wings, vegetarian treats, and homemade hot sauce will be available in the form of $4 “fried treat” baskets, the Outpost Frog Fry is not a pop-up but a music mini-festival infused with the unmistakable scent of batter colliding with gurgling oil.

Beginning at 1 p.m., eleven bands/artists will play HM157's lovely Victorian in Lincoln Heights, including Gold Paint, Moomaw, Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, and the magnificent Paula Frazer. The show will cost just $7. To wash away the river of frog grease running down your gullet, fizzy adult drinks and free O.N.E. Coconut Water cocktails will be available.

Outpost Frog Fry: Saturday, July 16th, 1 – 6:30 p.m.; HM157, 3110 N. Broadway, Los Angeles.

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