Via Gawker and our own Dennis Romero: Now that Charlie Crist has lost a grueling three-way senate bid, he can use the few months remaining in his term as Florida's governor to consider important and pressing policy issues — such as pardoning the late Doors front man for an indecent exposure charge born of an unfortunate incident at Miami's Dinner Key Theater in 1969! Will he or won't he use his waning power to posthumously pardon L.A.'s lizard king? The evidence for and against the pardon — as well as NSFW footage of the now-infamous concert — after the jump!

Doesn't the following (NSFW) video demonstrate the kind of can-do spirit that a plucky Republican-gone-Independent should respect and encourage?

The charge stems from a 1969 incident at an over-capacity concert in Miami, where the twenty-five-year-old Lizard King allegedly exposed himself indecently to the crowd even though he was already wearing skintight “cowhide pants to give maximum exposure of [his] genital area.” Watch it above and then weigh the evidence below for Jim Morrison's possible genital redemption.

For: In a heated three-way race for Senator, Marco Rubio accused Crist of lacking core values … thus making him more sympathetic to a guy like Jim, who tried to incite the crowd by “taking out his business and whirling it around?”

For: Charlie Crist's campaign rhetoric attempted to carve him out as a moderate–could this be what he meant by “moderation”and a willingess to compromise?

Against: fellow GOPer and former Florida governor Jeb Bush was repeatedly asked by Doors fans to grant a pardon but never took the issue seriously.

Against: Charlie Crist, as a Republican turned moderate who does not support a rapist's right to impregnate and subsequently father a child with his victim is just the kind of person who might support the pardon of a drunk rock star whose drunken escapade in Florida fueled Miami's Decency Rally at the Orange Bowl.

Against: Crist makes no promises, but advises us all to “stay tuned” and that he is “willing to look into it.”

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