First they come for your guns. Then they stub out your smoldering joint. Next they want to stitch shut your bright expressive mouth, tell you to drive some hideous, tiny, “responsible” lawnmower of a car, and boss your genitals around to boot. Civil liberties are under assault in America, and now, if you ask the folks at Keep Food Legal, the battle has reached new turf: the plate.

People have long complained about bans on trans fat and 4 Loko, foie gras purveyor witch hunts and soda taxes, but now the backlash has a rallying point in the work of Keep Food Legal, the first national organization dedicated to preserving the “culinary freedom” of American citizens — a fight, in no small part, against pretty much all regulations and bans as well as food subsidies.

In this clip from libertarian outlet Reason.tv, KFL executive director Baylen Linnekin hangs with former MTV VJ and Reason-ite Kennedy, giving a swift explanation of his organization's goals over a plate of iffy-looking and quite illegal (at least in our fair state) 4 Loko-spiked tacos.

Linnekin calls 4 Loko “vile,” and yet chows down, claiming, “I'm not the arbiter of taste and neither should be the government.” We commend Linnekin for staying on message, when, a few seconds after that declaration, Kennedy claps a hand over her chest and begins humming “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

LA Weekly