Warwick's kaffir lime melon cooler

What: Part sexy Hollywood lounge, part hipster art gallery, the Warwick on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood has a lot going on. The main room's high ceilings and symmetrical, angular setup make the space feel much larger than it is. Thoughtfully and eclectically decorated, the space of the main room is easily maximized with various couches, tables and seating areas, and the painting-lined walls will make you feel better about the fact that you still haven't been to LACMA.

The most eye-catching statement pieces are the two vertical screens portraying nude women overlaid with dancing flames. Provocative. To escape the hubbub and get a better view of the action, walk up the stairs to a more secluded area, outfitted with its own separate bar, faux fireplace and Z Gallerie-esque sofas.

Warwick Bar; Credit: Alen Lin

Warwick Bar; Credit: Alen Lin

Who: Jeffrey Best of Best Events has partnered with Sylvain Bitton and JT Torregiani of Aventine, bringing in Jason Bran and Damian Windsor (previously at the Roger Room) to mix up refreshingly unpretentious cocktails.

When: Warwick opened to the public on Oct. 5, and is open Wednesday through Saturday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Where: On a mellow stretch of Sunset near Amoeba Records and ArcLight Hollywood, the red velvet ropes and suited bouncers make Warwick's entrance feel oh-so-Hollywood. Better to make this your first stop of the night, before the line gets out of hand, or at least make a reservation to guarantee entry.

Why: Head to the back bar (or the well-lit upstairs if you prefer not to hold a candle up to your menu) and pick your spirit for the evening. If you're in the mood for gin, the kaffir lime melon cooler delivers an invigorating mix of watermelon juice, kaffir lime and pomegranate, while the so-called Blackberry Buck is a frothy blend of bourbon and house-made blackberry ginger beer. The $17 drinks are fairly pre-mixed and simple — no muddling here — but tasty nonetheless.

While there's a focus on the specialty cocktails, this is still the kind of place where you could get a Red Bull vodka if you wanted it — and you probably wouldn't be the first to order it. The DJ plays loud, popular music for the young and beautiful crowd, even though there's no real dance floor to speak of. Rather, the space is much more suited to tables, where you can have trays of ingredients brought over to mix your own drinks. Swanky.

(This post corrects a previous version, which stated that Best is affiliated with The Roger Room. He is not.)

Blackberry Buck Cocktail; Credit: acuna-hansen

Blackberry Buck Cocktail; Credit: acuna-hansen

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