French-born Guillaume P. is a 25-year career DJ who for the last 8 years has been shredding decks masked, under the on-stage moniker UZ. Already a globally acclaimed, two-time turntable champion, Barbier’s razor-sharp “real trap” flow moves almost effortlessly through geographies and genres. Based in L.A. these days, he represents the grimiest precipice in trap, collaborating with the likes of Boys Noize, T-Pain and Rome Fortune. 

“I was flying too much between France and Los Angeles, meanwhile my manager at that time was from L.A., my booking agent was from LA, my fan base was in L.A. It really made sense just to move here.” Guillame P. told us. “There’s something about the energy in L.A. There are so many artists with so much music. To me, it was better than Paris because in Paris I was the only one making my kind of music.” 

A jam-packed touring schedule and remixes of tracks like DJ Shadow’s “Organ Donor” and Ice Cube’s “Drop Girl” further propelled his meteoric rise. After three albums and launching his label Quality Goods Records, which to date has collaborated with over 100 artists, Guillame P. is as potent a force in the business as he is scratching records. 

A forthcoming album Trinity is expected in early 2020. Of the project, Guillame P. said “It’s got 15 or 16 tracks with a lot more rap than before. It’s actually already done.”

Two key ingredients in Guillame P.’s success appear to be honest gratitude and infectious tenacity, “I’m grateful to be able to do all this stuff. To make a living out of music. Yeah, it’s just a dream come true. Not many people are able to do this.” Guillame P. thought out loud. “Maybe if someone reads this they will try. I’d want them to know that if they have the will, they can do it.” 


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