In Los Angeles’ rich and long music history few approach the caliber, force or stylish flair in the house music genre like Sublevel co-founder, Martin Mendoza. Better known as Doc Martin, he settled in Los Angeles in fall of 1990 after a few promotors coaxed him to relocate from the Bay Area. A true people’s champion, he’s a local hero who never let the glory of the music industry change who he chooses to be. It’s a quality of character that garners towering respect over a career spanning more than thirty-three years from Ibiza to Los Angeles to London and more. 

“At that time, I had gone as far as I could go. I’d been DJing five to six days a week at all the big shows. I made all the top big shows and residencies, and I wanted to challenge myself with something new.” Mendoza said of the move. “LA seemed to be the place to do that.” 

Since the debut of his first music production in 1986, like a fine liquor Mendoza’s career is hailed as a success story for the genre including historic collaborators like Basement Jaxx, Daft Punk, A Tribe Called Quest, James Brown, Grace Jones, Inner City and more. 

Distinguished as one of the earliest in the mythic trend of roaming dance parties in Los Angeles, Sublevel became an iron staple after Mendoza delivered an otherworldly 13-hour set in the first show. It shook the scene, and the city demanded more. Soon the event went from every two months to monthly and Mendoza limited a manic touring schedule to keep his impact local. “It was definitely a passion project.” said Mendoza. “I wanted to do something for my community here in LA.” 

Next up, fans can countdown to 2020 with Doc Martin at Minimal Effort for New Years Eve.

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