Nom Nom: The Brand Redefining Fresh Dog Food

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It’s no secret that people are particular about their pets. According to the American Pet Products Association, there were 90.5 million pet owners in the U.S. (70% of American households) in 2021. Dogs are the most popular pet by a significant margin, as well. On top of that, in that year, Americans spent a staggering $123.6 billion on their pets — a $20 million increase from 2020 — with food and treats by far being the most expensive investment.

A large part of this trend to spend more on dog food comes from a shift toward healthier food options. Pet owners are more educated than ever before, and they’re in search of quality nutritional solutions that can keep their four-legged friends in good health over the course of their lifetime.

Some manufacturers have slightly adjusted their formulas or cut out certain ingredients, like food coloring. But for many pet owners, that isn’t enough. They are abandoning traditional formulas in favor of fresh food.

A fresh food diet can help dogs with energy and endurance. Other noted benefits include reduced shedding and softer, silkier coats. They can also help maintain a healthy weight, reduce stool size and bad breath, and improve overall wellness.

The struggle with a fresh food canine diet comes from finding the right kinds of food for each dog and sourcing it on a regular basis. There’s one company that is meeting this new interest in healthier fresh dog food with a revolutionary solution. Here’s how Nom Nom is delivering on its promise to create genuinely fresh dog food that is “a bowl above the rest.”

Nom Nom Meets a Rising Need for Quality Fresh Pet Food

There are many factors behind Nom Nom’s rising star — and it all starts with the quality of its products. The company creates all of its recipes with fresh ingredients. No fillers. No chemicals. Using fresh, whole ingredients that are allergen and sensitivity friendly.

Nom Nom goes further than freshness, too. It fills its food with whole ingredients by keeping its meat and veggies separate throughout the preparation process. Each ingredient is gently cooked (i.e., no high-temp vats) before mixing them in their natural form rather than using extrusion to force them into unnecessary molds and shapes. This keeps important nutrients within each ingredient and makes it easier for dogs’ digestive systems to break down their food.

Nom Nom Educates Their Audience

In the information age, transparency goes a long way in building a successful brand, and Nom Nom has embraced the education gospel with open arms. It takes only a few minutes on the company’s website to see that the folks behind the label want to inform their customers about the food that they’re feeding their pets.

Nom Nom encourages each owner to create a pet profile. This tracks their info and even provides personalized insights into their dog’s weight and joint and gastrointestinal health.

The pet food brand is also backed by a large science team, including a microbiologist and not one but two Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists (out of roughly 100 in the entire U.S.). These individuals aren’t just providing guidance using past data, either. They are actively researching pet health (primarily through pet poop and how dogs process their food) to enhance Nom Nom’s food formulas.

As an example of this research in action, Nom Nom has used its scientific investment to create the largest pet microbiome database in the world. This growing databank informs its food formula process. The team has even used it to develop pet supplements to provide, in the words of the brand, “nose-to-tail pet health.”

Nom Nom Makes Buying Pet Food Personal …and Easy

Along with its commitment to quality, Nom Nom personalizes the pet food experience — a key factor in attracting a modern customer base. The company helps each customer find the right recipe and caloric intake based on their dog’s personal preferences and dietary needs.

From there, they portion food according to the needs of each pet. Even then, customers can alternate options for flavors and ingredients. As a final flourish, the brand ships the food right to each owner’s door using dry ice to keep things fresh and recyclable liners to maintain sustainability.

Nom Nom Is Ushering in a Golden Age of Fresh Pet Food

From quality to education, personalization to ease of use, Nom Nom is a fresh pet food brand with its finger on the pulse of modern consumer expectations. Its white glove service speaks directly to the growing investment that owners have in improving the quality of life for their pets. This trend in high-quality pet care isn’t likely to change any time soon, which is good news for a brand committed to the welfare of its customers and their furry best friends.

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