Some Crust Bakery: Pie Pops

Last year for National Pie Day, we made a list of the top 10 places to celebrate the holiday. It's still a great list, though it needs a few alterations: The Flying Pie Man has decamped from Los Angeles, The Pie Hole has opened its doors and we've fallen in love with the hand-pies at The Village Bakery's.

After a very buttery, flaky year, we've sampled all manner of variants on the classic pie, the most adorable of which are the pie pops at Some Crust Bakery, the Claremont shop whose bacon muffins and banana chocolate danishes we already adore.

Some Crust Bakery: Pie Pops

Sure, the pie popsicle is a gimmick, but so is the entire concept of the gastropub. Unlike pie in a jar (which only convinced us that pie should not be served in a jar), Some Crust's pie pops actually taste good.

Pie pops are tiny hand-pies with a popsicle stick jammed into them. They come in a variety of flavors including cherry, apple and pumpkin. (Cherry is our pick.) For crust fiends, they're incredibly satisfying, less so for those who live for pie filling. The ratio of crust to filling is about three to one. At $1.60 each, you can celebrate National Pie Day with an entire bouquet of pie pops.

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