Food Truck Festival at Santa Anita Park

The latest Los Angeles food truck to open a brick-and-mortar location is Naan Stop (@naanstop), but they're doing it in Atlanta. Why? Because Georgia needs samosas and masala fries. In fact, it's sort of a return to their roots for Neal and Samir Idnani, who own and run the truck.

The brothers “were born in Nashville but grew up eating their mother's traditional Indian cuisine, passed down to her from her mother. Samir graduated from Georgia Tech and later the University of Southern California. Brother Neal graduated from the University of Chicago, and while both held lucrative jobs in their respective fields of study, they

were reunited over the desire for Indian food like their mom used to make,” according to Tomorrow's News Today.

Naan Stop: Masala Fries

The restaurant is likely to be in the Decatur or Emory area. The menu will feature several signature items from the truck, which served its last L.A. meal on November 30th. Look for the restaurant menu to feature the Naanwich (naan stuffed with Tandoori chicken, paneer, turkey or lamb), samosas and masala fries (french fries topped with a mildly spicy yogurt and tomato sauce), while expanding on what the truck offered. The Idnanis hope to open by the second half of 2012. Good luck and keep us posted.

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