The Beatles
The Beatles aka The White Album (Apple)
Quick! Let me say this before I change my mind. As I was leaning toward the atmospheric life of Rain Dogs (Tom Waits), and then turning around for the dangerous collision of Contraband (Velvet Revolver), or even the prophetic Blackstar (David Bowie) – I have concluded that I mustn’t lie to myself — and listen to what this question really asks. My perspective changes with every new dawn — but I believe the most influential album for me is The White Album by The Beatles. There is my answer.


Cliché? Maybe. Unoriginal choice? Who cares.
I was very young when I first heard it — and still kept much of the innocence of my youth. This album is playful, yet dark. The process of writing it represents freedom, yet restrictive friction within the group. It somehow throws the band back to its “Rock ’n’ Roll” days, but places them in high esteem as continuing to be musically REVOLUTIONary, slant-pun intended. Highly relatable subject matter, yet somehow very obscure, touching on almost every aspect of human life. Poetic Pop; Artistically Animalistic.
Derek Day’s single “Click on Me” is out now.

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