Yialmelic Frequencies isn’t music as much as it is an outlook. Starseed Diva Dompé delivers unto you from on-high the view into a greater and higher good. Specifically, she presents a cosmos through which you are whisked gently along, encountering evolved truths and a deeper breadth of feeling with sounds that can elevate consciousness, transforming what would ordinarily be a lethally boring night into something bordering on the f-ing ineffable. Where she ultimately guides you on this meditative evening with her enthralling contemplative mood ambiance is unclear. It’s not like you can turn on a radio and tune in to those frequencies. She merely gives you the key to open the door to a different reality, offering you the freedom to be wholly you, within yourself and in the moment as she launches herself into another dimension, wide-eyed and unafraid.

Yialmelic Frequencies plays with Pikelet and Batry Power at 7 p.m. on Saturday, April 27 at Junior High.

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