Whether it's turning the sounds of an average refrigerator into music for the ages or just anticipating the helter-skelter welter of modern meaninglessness with electronic noises, Peter Rehberg — whom you may know as Pita — presents the possibility of the human spirit moved by technology in a way that might seem unlikely given the harsh surface of the sounds he makes. Yet somehow, someone once moved some colossal stones and wound up with Stonehenge, so stranger things have happened. For once, you'll be so absorbed by Rehberg's mastery of zeros and ones that you won't start thinking that he's just up there checking his email. Also tonight: Daniel Menche, the Portland noise artiste who has for the past 30 years specialized in a particularly organic kind of sonic brutality best be described as hot sauce for the ears.

Pita performs with Daniel Menche at 8 p.m. on Thursday, March 28, at Zebulon.

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