It used to be decades between appearances in Los Angeles of enigmatic Japanese artist Keiji Haino — but luckily some prosperous saint decided to unfurl a bankroll fairly recently, and so now this time you get to see the version of Keiji Haino who plays hurdy-gurdy music. Never mind Dylan-goes-electric — it's Haino-goes-Celtic as he hammers away on the instrument that drones while it grinds and also includes a keyboard for either the playing of pretty tunes or unveiling the deeply personal and freaked-out sounds that only Keiji Haino can disgorge. It's only the second time that he's performed on this particular instrument in the States — the first time being some decades ago — and it's the only live action of his that will happen in America this year, so buy, die, etc.

Keiji Haino plays at 8 p.m. on Sunday, April 7, at Zebulon.

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