If there’s any one artist that works most deeply in touch with the phenomenon of intuition in American songwriting today, it’s Joe Henry. Intuition is an extortionately underrated aspect of the songwriting process. It isn’t something that’s easily learned — to learn it, you have to fail and fail very fucking often — and it isn’t something that’s easily taught, because how does one person show another person how to capture a moment and make it into art? For the better part of his 30 years as a singer, songwriter and producer, he’s honed that sense of intuition into something closer to extra-sensory perception than it is the creation of art. What you’ll experience tonight is an increasingly scarce appearance by this most priceless of all American artists — and the emotions he stirs within you with his songs are of a caliber that only the most intuitive of artists can summon forth.

Joe Henry plays at 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 13 at Largo at the Coronet.

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