If you recall, a few months ago we waxed rhapsodic about Trader Joe's Speculoos, a product that is, essentially, smooshed cookies in a jar. Imagine asking a 5-year-old, “What's your dream sandwich spread?” and lo, it came true. Now, TJ's has taken that sugar rush to an even further extreme, introducing speculoos-filled dark chocolate bars.

A brief note. We know speculoos is a Dutch word and product that describes “cookie butter,” but we sort of hope somebody can think of a better name. Why? Well, no matter what, we read it as speculum, which is pretty much the opposite of a delicious spreadable cookie. Yes.

So what they did here is take a pretty great Belgian chocolate and stuff it with a reasonably thick layer of that cookie mess, resulting in an incredibly sweet, somewhat smooth (from the chocolate), somewhat gritty (from the cookie), bite that melts in the mouth before you blink, leaving a hint of cinnamon on the tongue. Ultimately, it's like eating raw chocolate chip cookie dough, with a side of chocolate sauce. We heartily approve.

At $0.99 per 1.58 ounce bar, and clocking in at 260 calories, you could do worse with your candy bar choices.

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