Misfit Soto, once LA hip-hop’s best kept secret, is now standing Frontline to change the music industry forever.


Misfit Soto was born in Hawthorne, California, in the summer of some time during the 80s. He became familiar with the hip-hop game at a very young age. I mean, he was practically born into it. Yes, we are talking about his grandfather, who was a famous and beloved Bolero singer in Mexico in the 1950s, and an older brother 10 years his senior that would one day play a cassette tape in his 1975 VOLKSWAGON BUG that would change who misfit would become and set him on a road of dedication and obsession. This is hip-hop.

Misfit Soto is an official member of Conejos SKM (Sinister Kingdom music) group and an official member of LA’s hottest up-and-coming clique GLOCKSTARZ, alongside Doeboi909. Misfit can and really does do it all. His latest project sees him laying down the melodies, beats, and baselines for artists like Bad Bunny and Drake who he just worked on a few projects with. Misfit represents the modern-day independent artist who does it all on their own from start to finish. A true artist, it’s no surprise he is THE #1 VIEWED ARTIST on the biggest LATIN HIP-HOP CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE, LatinBeastTv, with over 50 to 75 million views on his videos combined. Not bad for an up-and-coming local right?

With all that being said, hip-hop has seen the rise of Mexican American rappers within the last 4 years and misfit is at the top of the food chain. His song “AYE caramba2” which was a direct response to TYGAS’s song of the same name, showed the world where Mexican Americans stand as a people and how they will always demand the respect they rightfully deserve even if it means for Tyga to delete the video. Which is exactly what happened.

Misfit Soto is on the rise and is the most exciting and refreshing voice to come out of Los Angeles since artists like Anderson Pakk and rappers like Timebomb. Ironically, the misfit spent a few of his teenage years at Leimert Park at the legendary open mic spot. Project blew.

There is one fact about music that is always true and will always be accurate, and that music will always change and grow, and it will be taken further into areas unknown by the next generation ahead of us. Right now, though, MISFIT SOTO is what the industry needs. He is the one. The people’s champ. The voice of LA RAZA.

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