Mike Driggers: A serial entrepreneur and a world-leading Authority Marketing Agent who helps people unleash their greatest gifts.

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Mike has been impacting, motivating and empowering others to help them position as the “go-to authority” in their niches, taking over the thought leader expert industry.

The world has seen the rise of several professionals and entrepreneurs who have remained steadfast in attaining their personal goals. How often has the world known about business personalities, experts and leaders who worked relentlessly and consistently to add more value to the lives of others and work toward leading others on the path of growth and success? Well, we couldn’t help but notice the story of one such remarkable personality named Mike Driggers, a serial entrepreneur, a self-driven and determined professional also known as the world’s leading Authority Marketing Agent and the one who has been helping people unleash their greatest gifts, taking over the thought leader expert industry.

Mike Driggers, over the last four decades, has been making quite a name for himself and a powerful impact on the lives of brand new to first-year coaches and consultants by helping them get positioned as the “go-to-authority” in their respective niches, making him one of the most talked-about and honored Authority Marketing Agent. He has been helping subject matter experts position as the go-to authority through some of his best works like Authority Fingerprint, Authority Positioning, Instant Authority, Thought Leader Expert, Subject Matter Expert and The Coaching Empire, the current product he is marketing and promoting. He has been in the thought leader expert industry since the age of 16, and today, at 56, he has been bringing vision into people’s lives, making them realize their inner spirit and power as professionals and helping them win in life.

He had a humble beginning and started working as a marketer at 16. At a young age, he started an advertising agency that would work for thought leaders, helping them create products and programs, which led him to launch his full-fledged agency, Unleashed Media, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Later, he left and sold the business. He has been involved heavily in marketing, digital marketing, and business consulting for years. He then began as a speaker around the world and, in the process, realized how he loved positioning people to become the go-to authority in their niche. This motivated him to create his program Instant Authority, where he started teaching people and businesses how to position themselves as the go-to authority.

They have created a DFWY (Done For & With You) A to Z coaching business where they create for clients their coaching program and curriculums; they ghost-write and publish them as authors of their books. They gain access to a course, coaching products of all types, marketing content, sales funnels, video marketing scripts, marketing and position tactics to develop their fame factor, appointment setters, and sales team that closes all their deals.

Mike Driggers has remained motivated and inspired all his life to touch as many people’s lives as possible and be known internationally as a household name. His love for the thought leader expert industry lies in the immense power it holds to shape individuals, communities, and the world at large and through his work, he loves to uplift, inspire, and motivate thought leader experts, experts, and subject matter experts to unleash their untapped potential and become catalysts for positive change. Mike’s mission is that through his expertise in thought leadership, he wants to continue distilling complex concepts into simple, actionable insights that Inspire, Motivate, and Empower others, help those that have some type of expertise do the same and help them monetize their knowledge.

Over four decades of experience, his increased expertise in the thought leader expert industry, an impressive portfolio of over 33 published books to his name, and many other notable works of his have helped others achieve greatness and empowered them to take ownership of their lives, eventually making them the go-to authority in their niches.

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