When it comes to music in Los Angeles these days, all you hear about day in and day out is “this band from Silver Lake” or “that venue over on the East side.” It's easy to feel neglected for those on the West side, but thanks to Joyce Manor, the feeling of being the last kid picked in gym class has subsided significantly.

One of the most promising bands coming from the South Bay/West L.A. area (the forgotten side of the city), the band's signature–honest, abrasive pop punk–has been packing houses, venues, backyards, and basements across the country. We could write all day about how much we like this band, but why don't you just download the demo and check out this video of them from this year's Sound And Fury Festival?

Credit: Manny Mares

Credit: Manny Mares

Where? Torrance, California

What's the sound? Jawbreaker, Superchunk, some Alkaline Trio, and a hint of Weezer.

Why should you care? Fresh, fun, “scream along” music played by a few South Bay kids that sound like seasoned veterans.