Update: Luke Caldwell also made videos for the 2012 presidential election. More after the jump.

Los Angeles mayoral candidates Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti may have the slick TV ads, but Kevin James now has one heck of an unofficial campaign song, with a polished video to boot. In fact, James should seriously consider playing Luke Caldwell's hip-hop ditty at all his events.

Caldwell, 26, is a West L.A. musician/entertainer who supports James' underdog mayoral candidacy so much that he was inspired to write a song called “Kevin James,” which takes a cue from David Bowie's very cool “Fame.” You can't help but tap your feet to it, maybe even shake your booty. See the video after the jump.

Caldwell takes a couple of friendly swipes at Greuel and Garcetti, but the song is mostly a funky, highly charged, even funny call to arms for “change,” with Kevin James being the fellow who can bring it.

“Kevin James!” Caldwell starts off. “I think it's about time we … change!”

You also gotta love one breakdown where Caldwell raps/chants, “Los Angeles it's time for someone brand new. Do not let L.A. go B.K.! Do not let L.A. go B.K.! I said, do not let L.A. go B.K.!”

B.K. stands for bankruptcy. Clever.

Then Caldwell goes into another rap/chant about how it's time for L.A. voters to get what they deserve.

The musician tells L.A. Weekly that he's not with the James campaign or the candidate's super-PAC and that he and his buddies made the video themselves.

Anyhow, listen and watch for yourself. It's almost guaranteed you won't forget the song, or Caldwell in a suit and sunglasses rapping away outside City Hall. He also shot part of the video at the Stanley Cup parade for the Los Angeles Kings. “Kevin…James!”

UPDATE: Caldwell and his friends apparently like to stay busy by making political videos. He also did a pro-Mitt Romney video and an anti-Obama one, too. And after Obama won, Caldwell made a video supporting the president.

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