If JibJab isn't cutting it for holiday laughs (if you somehow aren't aware, you can transform you, your spouse, your baby, and your Pomeranian into a crew of shufflin', shades-wearing elves), try to go edible. Enter yourself, a pal, family member, or partner in a new contest promoted by candy company Maynards Canada.

First, as with most things these days, you have to log on to Facebook and “like” the company. After doing so, upload and trace a suitable head shot. Once judges comb through the submissions (you'll have to pull a good candy-eatin' face and craft an eloquent 140-character blurb), you'll be in the running. The pay-off? Potentially, your grill (or that of a loved one) in a face-on collision with Sour Patch Kids, Fuzzy Peaches, Sour Cherry Blasters or Swedish Berries.

With over 70,000 fans so far, Maynards Canada has to be looking at a heated contest. From what we've seen, the sample pics give the impression contestants are perfecting their I-just-played chubby-bunny-with-a-sack-of-lemons faces. Considering how many plastic-faced actors call this city home, sugar-blasted immortality surely awaits some lucky reader.

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