In Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused, Matthew McConaughey's character, David Wooderson, is an aging post-grad who still hangs with the high school kids. He likes girls, reefer and football, though not necessarily in that order. A Texan and a football flick veteran, the real McConaughey isn't a long snap from the Wooderson character. Taking in this picture the actor posted on his Twitter yesterday, we can almost smell the half-time bong rips.

Robed and topped with a toque, Mac is garnishing a brace of burgers, staring through them with the kind of hollow-eyed intent that tends to arrive about two minutes after the smoke has cleared. If we could pick four people with whom to watch the Super Bowl, we would clone McConaughey and pick him four times. The burgers don't look bad, either. Mac's passion for beef was well-documented in that radio spot he did five years ago.

We see two kinds of cheese on those bad boys — cheddar and Swiss, perhaps. We can't help slipping into the speech of Mac-bro Guy Fieri as we write. Our guess is that Mr. Big Bite himself taught Mac how to flip a burger. He might even be there, snapping the pic, urging his pal on. “Tilt the hat to the right, good buddy,” he's saying, gasping for breath after funneling a brew. “Take that number to flavor town.”

LA Weekly