Due to the pandemic, statistics show that there has been a massive drop in weddings. In 2020 alone, there was a 17% drop in people tying the knot from the year prior. Given that the last significant decline in weddings was last noted in 1963, some see this negative trend as cause for alarm. People are finally starting to recover from the pandemic’s negative effects, however, after two years of its relentless assault. With the majority of people being vaccinated, countries are starting to loosen strict protocols, and that means people get to go outside and enjoy the activities they used to do before the pandemic. One of those activities is getting married. Here are some advantages of getting married in 2023. 

Engaged couples can freely select the location of their wedding venue

Both domestic and international travel are now more doable than ever, given that countries have started to open their borders and loosen COVID-19 restrictions. Couples now have the freedom to select the wedding location of their choice without worrying about being denied entry to the venue of their choice. 

Lots of opportunities await in 2023

Arguably, one of the saddest stories that affected millions all over the globe was the loss of jobs. Approximately 114 million people lost their jobs due to COVID-19. But of course, after the deployment of vaccines and the gradual process of offices and businesses reopening their doors, people have once again been given the chance to have jobs. 

In 2021, millions had the opportunity to be employed again, although this does not reach the number of employed people back in the pre-COVID days. However, it is a start. Despite having “The Great Resignation” in full swing to this day, the employment situation is a lot brighter than it was two years ago. 

Not only that, the time that people have spent jobless has made them venture into other hustles. Introducing remote work. This had millions around the world psyched because they got to do their work in the comfort of their homes. So they are spared from having to pay for gas and endure long, dreaded commutes. 

Remote work opportunities will only skyrocket from here on out, and that is an opportunity that will help couples prepare for their marriage. 

People have learned to appreciate each other more 

Most people do not have the time to stop and reflect on their lives. This is due to the overwhelming amount of work they have to do, on top of other things that keep them occupied. Now that the pandemic has struck the world, it has given all of us a time to reflect. 

We have now begun to realize that we rarely spend time with our families and loved ones. Aside from families working on strengthening their bond with each other, couples now have more time to appreciate one another. By spending more time with each other, couples would most likely have a growing desire to tie the knot. 

Spending the rest of your life with someone that you deeply care about is something that should not be wasted nor delayed. If there is one thing that people have learned amidst the pandemic, it is to avoid taking things for granted. 

Getting married twice 

It may sound silly, but this ritual has actually been done in the past as well; it is just that it does not happen as often as it does today. Due to the pandemic, there has been a rise in sequel weddings. 

There are several reasons why couples would want to pursue sequel weddings in 2023: 

  • Sequel weddings give couples flexibility in planning out their wedding. 
  • This allows couples to enjoy private weddings that compose only of their relatives and very close friends, and then later on have a second ceremony wherein a bigger crowd is invited. 
  • This gives couples a chance to get married with only the two of them and the judge officiate/religious leader. Some may prefer this since not all parents agree of their child’s wedding plans when it comes to venues and such; so this gives them the freedom to have a wedding based on their own terms. 
  • For couples who have relatives that are unable to travel, sequel weddings give them an opportunity to host a small wedding with them. After that, couples will then take the wedding elsewhere with a different crowd.

So, if you have found the love of your life but are on the shelf on whether or not to get married, 2023 is a great year to do so. Get on your knee, pop the questions, and start the rest of your life next year!

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