Making IP Address Management (IPAM) Easier with LARUS

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In today’s fast-paced and technologically advanced age, it becomes nearly impossible to keep track of everything happening around the world. However, this problem has been chiefly eradicated due to the ever-expanding range and ever-increasing efficiency of the internet. The internet has made it possible for human beings around the world to connect and spread awareness and information about one another through a free and easily accessible channel. While many people have become accustomed to what the internet is and what can be done with it, few know the multitude of components involved and the intricate complexities of how it actually works, which brings us to IP addresses.

 An IP address is an exclusive numerical identifier allocated to each device linked to a computer network. Without an IP address, devices on a network become unable to communicate with the internet or each other. In a vast network of devices, such as in an organization or a business, a range of different types of devices are connected to the internet, which requires a large pool of IP addresses. As more and more devices connect with a network, more IP addresses are allocated to devices, and with the recent surge in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the Internet of Things (IoT), the number of devices that connect with a network has increased exponentially.

To accommodate this growth, companies like LARUS Limited offer IP Leasing as well as IP Address Management (IPAM) services. With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Wuhan, LARUS Limited was founded in 2016. It is a global IP solution provider that helps customers save time, effort, and resources in buying or selling IP addresses by handling the process from start to end.

The founder of LARUS Limited, Lu Heng, a Hong-Kong based entrepreneur and technologist, also established the LARUS Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on offering education through the internet to students all over the world. Heng attended the University of Groningen for a bachelor’s in International Economics and Business andlater went to the Netherlands to pursue further studies. Since then, Heng has toured several countries over the years to attend RIR and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) meetings as he is an advocate for “One World, One Internet” and believes in making the Internet accessible for all. In his effort to do so, he promotes internet governance education worldwide and has sponsored more than a thousand students all over the world to participate in major internet events and conferences about Internet Governance.

Heng is also a member of the Advisory Council at Pacific Telecom Council (PTC). He was nominated for APNIC’s EC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre – Executive Council) by Huawei Singapore PTE Ltd., as well as two of the largest Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Pakistan. Heng holds nationality from several countries.

Heng’s wide range of skills and expertise in the field of internet governance alone make him the ideal business partner when dealing with essential matters, such as in the case of IP management and leasing. LARUS Limited and Larus foundation collectively aim to cover all bases when it comes to providing products as well as short-term and long-term services.

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