Forget Soylent. Forget Clif bars. The meal substitutes of the future will not only fill your belly; they will get you high.

Two months ago, a few Los Angeles dispensaries began carrying the Lucid Cannabis bar, an organic, vegan, raw and gluten-free protein bar, with 341 calories, 20 grams of protein — and either 40, 80 or 160 milligrams of THC.


The father-and-son team that put together Lucid initially wanted to design a regular fitness bar to sell in health-food stores. Richard, the father, has worked for many years as a chef, sommelier and restaurant general manager, including at Il Fornaio in Beverly Hills. At the beginning of this year, he began experimenting with protein bar recipes. He went through five different avocado oils before finding one with the right viscosity. Finally, in June, a prototype was ready.

Right around that time, his son, Devon, 20 (both declined to give their last name), happened to meet people from one of the top wax outfits in California, Clear Concentrates. When Devon told the makers of “The Clear” about the protein bar, a collaboration was born.

The edibles market is crowded with sugary treats like brownies, chocolate and soda. “There are no other vegan edibles,” Devon says. “There are no other gluten-free edibles.”

Another thing that sets Lucid apart is its tiered potency system. While the strength of most edibles can be hard to predict, Lucid recognizes the fact that occasional weed smokers require less THC than full-blown potheads.

Lucid can be found in 20 dispensaries across Southern California and will soon be sold at the influential Harborside Health Center in Oakland. Devon says he’s heard that surfers are particularly fond of the product. By the middle of October, the 25 to 30 bars they’d been giving pot shops every week were selling out.

Perhaps the only question that remains, then, is whether it’s worthwhile to eat a meal-replacement bar only to get the munchies an hour later. 

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