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It's Local Natives week! Their new, much anticipated new work Hummingbird was just released, and last night they kicked off a pair of L.A. shows at the Fonda. (They play tonight at the El Rey.) They are without question the hottest Silver Lake by way of Orange County band in the world right now. Their concert last night went something like this:

10:17pm: The group takes the stage and open with their 2011 single, “Breakers.” The percussion is raw as the four men howl into their microphones.

10:22pm: Two girls in the audience hit their heads together while rocking out. One of them grabs her head and appears to be in pain; the other one doesn't seem to notice.

10:24pm: As you're reading this the album comes out today, Tuesday, which means that now (last night) it's an exciting moment. “Our album is already out on the East Coast,” says Kelcey Ayer, who plays percussion and keys and sings lead vocals, “So this is basically our album release party!”

10:30pm: The group begins dark new song “Heavy Feet,” off of Hummingbird. It's a gloomy change of pace, complete with haunting lyrics and heavier, drawn out percussion beats.

Credit: Timothy Norris

Credit: Timothy Norris

10:37pm: The way these dudes dance around the stage while jamming is reminiscent of the Muppets.

10:41pm: Kelcey Ayer is a fantastic multi-tasker. While performing “Airplanes” he's singing, playing the keys and making intricately rapid beats on the snare drum. He does not fuck up.

10:43pm: More Muppet dancing.

10:49pm: Bassist Nik Ewing turns one of Ayer's set of keys around towards him and everyone rips into “Camera Talk,” which proceeds to switch to a reggae-like beat during the chorus.

Local Natives; Credit: Timothy Norris

Local Natives; Credit: Timothy Norris

11:00pm: Just when I'm thinking I could use some guitar shredding, Ayer begins strumming violently on “Colombia.” He's really feeling this one. “He's so hott when he screams,” says a girl nearby. She clearly meant “hott” to be spelled with two t's.

11:05pm: The group leaves the stage after “Colombia,” and a bunch of dolts head out.

11:12pm: The band is back for three more songs, the first of which is “Wooly Mammoth.”

11:16pm: Guitarist Taylor Rice grabs his microphone between encore songs. “We've been waiting to play for you guys for so long,” he says. “This is a really special show for us.” Aw, how sweet.

11:25pm: They close with “Sun Hands,” which drives the Fonda into a frenzy of clapping; the song's end is the best part of the set, which lasts about 70 minutes (the set, that is). Aggressive, gritty, heavy and almost evil sounding — it's badass.

Overheard in the Crowd: “I love Local Natives, and I love Coachella!”

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Personal Bias: I admit it. I'm from Orange County originally, too.

Random Notebook Dump: After walking out of a smelly crowd of people, there's nothing grosser than the smell of street meat.

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Set List:


Wide Eyes

Heavy Feet

You & I



Black Spot

Camera Talk

Warning Sign


World News


Wooly Mammoth

Who Knows Who Cares

Sun Hands

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