The beloved (by some) Dodger Dog is getting a Mexi-themed hermano, the Doyer Dog. Loaded with chili, nacho cheese, chopped tomatoes, onions and jalapenos, it hits concession stands today, just in time for the Dodgers' home opener against the San Francisco Giants. “Doyer” is no misspelling. The hot dog, which can be found at all Camacho's stands throughout the stadium, was inspired by the Spanish-language version of the team's name.

No confirmation on what the Doyer Dog costs, but we're guessing the price is outrageous. It takes a lot of money to prop up Frank McCourt's ego. Let's hope that after we shell out $8 or $12 or however much for a pup, one of McCourt's boot-licking lawyers doesn't sneak in, wipe out the price on the menu and demand we pay more. (Because that strategy worked so well with his pre-nup.)

Other changes in Dodger Stadium's concessions…

The Doyer Dog vs. The Dodger Dog.; Credit: Courtesy of the LA Dodgers.

The Doyer Dog vs. The Dodger Dog.; Credit: Courtesy of the LA Dodgers.

Dodgertown Deli replaces Canter's Delicatessen, which had been on the Field Level since 2008. Its menu includes pastrami, roast beef and barbecued roast beef sandwiches.

The menu at the Healthy Plate Carts has been expanded to include a Greek salad and an arugula salad with toasted walnuts, goat cheese, pomegranate seeds and a balsamic


The Stadium Club and Dugout Club have new cocktails including The All-Star (vodka and apple pucker), Charge (vodka and Sobe Full Throttle energy drink) and Go Blue! (vodka, lemonade and blueberry schnapps).

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