What do vegans eat? That was the intended topic of our next Venn food diagram (check them all out). Only thing is, it (happily) turns out, everyone seems to know what vegans eat. Or more to the point, what they don't eat. Congrats, L.A., you're a well-informed group.

To us, it doesn't exactly come as a big shock, since Angelenos are pretty enlightened and tend to know their diets. You name it, we know someone who has tried it/is on it/swears by it. Besides, veganism is easy to wrap your mind around compared to some things out there.

The ages of meat eaters unscientifically polled ranged from 12 to 70 and every last one knew without a moment's hesitation that vegans eat: fruits, vegetables, grains, pulses, legumes and tofu. Soy products, name-brand faux foodstuffs and particular dishes (falafels) and cuisines (Indian) also were heavily represented from both sides.

Vegan Non-Venn; Credit: Rachael Narins

Vegan Non-Venn; Credit: Rachael Narins

What we did find out is that vegans — a term coined in the 1940s — are totally mainstream (shocking insight, right?) and have a wide variety of food choices. They do still suffer endless queries about where they get their protein, as well as busybody lectures on what they should be eating. We say, eat and let eat. They're hardly the British woman who has lived on nothing but beef-flavored potato chips for 10 years, for heaven's sake.

Veganism can be great and we're all for it, if it's what works for you. By now, we sense everyone knows it's humane and saves the food supply chain and the Earth a lot of strain; all good things. We're thrilled it's a lifestyle that doesn't cause the general public much confusion anymore. It still may cause frustration for dinner party hosts — but hey, the vegans knew that was coming. Salad for everyone.

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