It’s time to get your weed for 4/20, and you can do it from your couch!

First off, one of your best bets is to just check the website of the dispensary you’re hoping to order from. These poor people are going to be absolutely mobbed this year with the state of the industry, so the best-case scenario for them is you getting your weed a few days early and not calling with stupid questions. Also, many places started their specials early this year just to avoid a giant delivery bottleneck on 4/20. So on the websites, you’ll likely be able to get the scoop on the deals and steals; and be led in the direction of a delivery partner if they don’t do it themselves. 

But what if you don’t even know what a dispensary looks like and you’re only celebrating 4/20 this year because you’re locked down in the house? We got you covered there too! Here are some great delivery options to help you make the most of your holiday!


The undeniable champions of dispensary listings, WeedMaps’ time at the top of that space has been a long one. Now dabbling in delivery too, WeedMaps proves to be an excellent option to hunt down those more specific items you’re looking for, and then you can get them delivered in the same convenient process. Like many, Weedmaps recently broke all of their records as everyone rushed to get pot delivered when word of the lockdown orders in California first started to get around. 


One of the oldest pure delivery business models in the state, SpeedWeed has weathered all the cannabis storms of the last decade and continues to get great herb to the doorsteps of Angelenos who want their pot now. While not as exotic as some of the other menus, they always have a lineup reputable options ready they’re to send your way quickly. 


Hyperwolf has a lot of the weed that will make you more popular on Instagram. You can get the ultra-exotic Alien Mints, and our top pandemic pick, Runtz. If you want to relive Coachella 2019 from your couch, order the Area 41 that won the L.A. Weekly Desert Smoke-off! It’s technically still champion until October. 


Caliva just opened up a new delivery hub in Culver City on April 18 in preparation for the holiday. The Silicon Valley-based company has a legit spread of genetics that includes a cup winner phenotype of Z Cubed. Caliva will also be donating $4.20 from the sale of each product sold from a commemorative holiday line to further resources for their essential staff providing the community access to cannabis through the pandemic. 


Grassdoor had the most visually appealing menu in the $30 to $40 range this weekend. If you’re looking for a deal filled with fruity terps, the Strawberry Banana testing at 28 percentTHC for $35 is probably right up your alley. 


The face of the cannabis technology revolution when founded in 2014, Eaze proved its platform quickly and has gone on to sell a ton of marijuana. But even though cannabis e-commerce isn’t a fun new idea these days, they’re still good at it. 


Emjay has every tax bracket covered. You’ll be able to grab discount half ounces from Old Pal, Mr. Sherbinski’s prize Gello Gelato phenotype, and everything in between. Also, the Planet Dosi from Alien Labs is on sale, which alone is enough to get them on this list! 

Pineapple Express

For those north of the city, Santa Clarita-based Pineapple Express has a wide lineup. You’ll be able to get your hands on solid top shelf flowers like Wonderbrett and a bunch of other great options. 

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