DJ Sidereal is far more than just a DJ. Providing the tunes for each and every Lil Keed show, which always sell out, real name Samuel Matthew releases his new single “I See Ghost,” featuring the Bay Area’s OMB Peezy and San Diego’s Alec Beretz.

Hailing from Twin Cities, Minnesota, Matthew has been performing in front of crowds since the young age of 11. While Los Angeles has been his home for the past three years, he has traveled the world, performing Paid Dues Festival to 2012’s Vans Warped Tour — all before graduating high school.

But he endured a health scare when doctors found an arachnoid cyst in his skull, leading to brain surgery. In 2017, another cyst was found and he was rushed again to the hospital. Thankfully, he didn’t lose his ability to create or his passion for music. His previous single “2500″ with Atlanta mainstays Lil Keed and K Camp, depicted an artwork with the actual MRI scan of his skull, sprinkled with YSL snakes (showcasing his affiliation with Young Thug’s label).

“I See Ghost” is an introspective record touching on everything from substance abuse to fake relationships to the fears of being the next to leave the Earth amid this generation’s many tragic losses. Sidereal has many important people in his own life struggling with substance abuse to this day.

Speaking on the track, Sidereal states, “This song is very important for this generation of artists and fans because they don’t truly understand the dangers associated with these substances.”

Beretz adds, “There’s momentum and positive energy in my life, but I’m still dealing with depression and self-medication. It’s crazy having both of those energies hit you at the same time.  Meanwhile, the world is going crazy over anything and everything, and music is the only thing that makes sense sometimes.”

“I See Ghost” is about experiencing the light and the dark at the same time.


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