Oh, Los Angeles, how you inspire us. You could be a song!

Well, the truth is, you have inspired songs, many many songs. In fact, our city and its beaches, mountains, denizens and myths have led to the creation of entire catalogs.

But perhaps the most inspirational aspect of L.A. is its streets and neighborhoods, judging by the number of songs which shout them out.

With that in mind, see if you can answer the questions in our quiz below.
1. Tom Petty
“Free Fallin'”
“All the vampires walking through the Valley, move West down _________”

A. Reseda Blvd.
B. Supulveda Blvd.
C. Ventura Blvd.
D. Sunset Blvd.
E. Santa Monica Blvd.

2. Frank Zappa and Moon Zappa
“Valley Girl” 
Moon Zappa says this suburb is, like, so totally bitchin':

A. Sherman Oaks
B. Van Nuys
C. Northridge
D. North Hills
E. Encino

3. Kid Rock
According to Kid Rock, he spends all of his time at ______

A. Sunset Blvd.
B. Sunset & Vine
C. Hollywood & Vine
D. Hollywood & Highland
E. Hollywood Blvd.

4. Red Hot Chili Peppers
“Space may be the final frontier, but it's made in a __________ basement.”

A. Studio City
B. Van Nuys
C. South Gate
D. Hollywood
E. Burbank

5. David Bowie
“Cracked Actor” 
“You caught yourself a trick down on _______” 

A. Sunset & Vine
B. Hollywood & Vine
C. Hollywood & Highland
D. Sunset Blvd.
E. Hollywood Blvd.

6. Sheryl Crow
“All I Wanna Do”

All Sheryl wants to do is have some fun before the sun comes up over…
A. Supulveda Blvd.
B. Ocean Park Blvd.
C. Ocean Avenue
D. Santa Monica Blvd.
E. Sunset Blvd.

7. Ice Cube offers advice on “How to Survive in…”

A. South Central
B. Compton
C. Torrance
D. Gardena
E. Downey
[8. Hole
“Celebrity Skin”
We hope we never find Courtney Love “Wilted and faded somewhere in _____”

A. Malibu
B. Hollywood
C. Venice
D. Redondo
E. Santa Monica

9. Rancid
“Who Would've Thought?” 
This band may have formed in Berkeley, but these punks “let it come together in _______”

A. Atwater Village
B. Echo Park
C. Silverlake
D. Encino
E. Van Nuys

10. Motörhead
“Angel City” 
“I wanna grow my hair, live in ______”

A. Hollywood
B. Hollywood Hills
C. Bel Air
D. Beverly Hills
E. Malibu

11. R.E.M
Michael Stipe croons this street name in the bridge, “If you ever want to fly…”

A. Ventura Blvd.
B. Rodeo Drive
C. Pacific Coast Hwy.
D. Laurel Canyon Blvd.
E. Mulholland Drive

1. C. Ventura Blvd.
2. E. Encino
3. C. Hollywood & Vine
4. D. Hollywood
5. A. Sunset & Vine
6. D. Santa Monica Blvd.
7. A. South Central
8. B. Hollywood
9. B. Echo Park
10. C. Bel Air
11. E. Mulholland Drive 

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