How Dr. Amir Hashemloo Empowers His Clients and Reshapes Lives through Facial Contouring

In the world of facial beauty procedures, Dr. Amir Hashemloo stands out for his unique achievements, reshaping lives and empowering women through his innovative approach to facial contouring. His revolutionary technique, the Correction of Eye and Eyebrow Frame (CEEF), introduced in 2017, has transformed the landscape of facial beauty procedures. Before his groundbreaking method, traditional injections often resulted in unnatural shapes and disrupted facial proportions. Dr. Hashemloo’s unique insight into facial anatomy and his dedication to preserving the natural state of the face have led to remarkable transformations for thousands of his clients.

The root of Dr. Hashemloo’s approach is in the deep understanding of facial proportions and aesthetics. His method focuses on enhancing not just specific facial features but the overall harmony and balance of the face. Unlike conventional approaches that often neglect the width of the skull and temple, Dr. Hashemloo’s CEEF method targets these areas, creating a foundation for modifying natural beauty. Through meticulous injections of authentic hyaluronic acid gels in the temporal area, he corrects elongated and pear-shaped faces, ensuring that the width of the upper third of the face harmonizes with the rest, thus avoiding the pear-shaped appearance.

Dr. Amir Hashemloo has continuously been researching to make sure to develop unique methods that can offer authenticity, safety, real results. He is one of the inventors of the new-age aesthetic cosmetics in Iran and is the one who has revolutionized the industry by correcting the eye and the eyebrows frame.

Dr. Hashemloo’s innovative approach involves adding volume in three key areas: skull width (eye and eyebrow frame), the outer side of the cheek, and jaw angle. By adhering to the natural proportions of each individual’s face, he enhances patients’ appearance and confidence. Similarly Dr. Hashemloo’s method offers an effective solution for patients with pear-shaped faces. By focusing on the eye and eyebrow frame, he ensures a balanced volume distribution, transforming pear-shaped faces into proportionate and aesthetically pleasing look.

Dr. Amir Hashemloo’s face contouring method proves to be unique and precise. His revolutionary technique is not just a cosmetic procedure; it’s an art form that delicately sculpts faces, enhancing natural beauty while preserving individuality. Armed with hyaluronic acid gels approved by the Ministry of Health, Dr. Hashemloo delves deep into facial anatomy, understanding the nuanced proportions that define a beautiful face.

At the core of his method lies a profound understanding of facial structures. The face, he emphasizes, is not a one-size-fits-all canvas. There are stretched faces, wide faces, and proportionate faces, each requiring a bespoke approach. Dr. Hashemloo’s method is customized to the unique contours of each patient’s face.

One of the standout applications of Dr. Hashemloo’s method lies in addressing elongated faces. Through precise injections in the transverse and external areas of the face, he rectifies facial stretching, ensuring that the upper third of the face, termed the Eye and Eyebrow Frame, harmonizes with the rest of the facial features. This technique has the name “Facial Longness Correction.

Moreover, his method is a boon for individuals with pear-shaped faces. By focusing on the eye and eyebrow frame and augmenting the outer side of the cheek and jaw angle, he removes the pear-shaped appearance and creates a face that radiates harmony and proportion.

In the hands of Dr. Amir Hashemloo, facial contouring transcends traditional boundaries. It becomes a personalized experience, a journey where clients emerge with a refined and beautiful appearance but with newfound confidence. The success of Dr. Hashemloo’s method is evident from the smiles of his satisfied clients, who go through a transformation. In his words, “Nothing is better than seeing a patient’s faces shine with self-satisfaction and pleasure.”

Before We Go

In the realm of facial contouring, Dr. Amir Hashemloo’s contributions are nothing short of phenomenal. His CEEF method transcends traditional beauty standards, focusing on the unique natural features of each individual. By addressing overlooked areas, such as the width of the skull and temple, he has eliminated the constraints faced by those with elongated or pear-shaped faces. Through his meticulous injections and dedication to preserving the natural state of the face, Dr. Amir Hashemloo redefines the standards of facial beauty modification.

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