How Can Cannabidiol Help To Treat Cancer

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According to preclinical research, industrial hemp-derived compounds such as cannabidiol possibly have tumor-inhibiting effects. More CBD cancer research is perhaps essential to substantiate that finding, but the existing preliminary research has promising results. Keep reading to learn how CBD oil cancer dosage is likely to work for you.

This Is How

Endocannabinoids and hemp cannabinoids can help to regulate the pathways situated in the human body that impact cancer. That possibly applies to how cancer cells not just grow but also spread.

Tetrahydrocannabinol’s clinical use often becomes controversial thanks to THC’s intoxicating effects. Conversely, CBD is not just non-intoxicating but also one of cannabis’s many well-tolerated components. Research has revealed that CBD could reduce tumor progression in diverse cancer types.

A large set of evidence from both animal trials and cell experiments demonstrates the anticancer effects of cannabinoids, including cannabidiol. CBD rarely has side effects, can provide much relief, and can work as an anti-addictive treatment option, said osteopathic physician and cannabis expert Dustin Sulak.

Several researchers are also investigating how CBD might work together with common chemotherapy medication. They are studying how the hemp compound can be transitioned from the laboratory to the actual treatment space, as well.

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CBD For Chemo’s Adverse Effects

There exists much research supporting CBD’s utilization as an adjunctive drug to reduce or prevent cancer treatment effects. Some kinds of cancer medication’s troublesome effects include peripheral neuropathy. For the uninitiated, peripheral neuropathy means an issue that makes the patient weak and numb, and experience pain in the hands and feet. Up to 75% of individuals with cancer may experience peripheral neuropathy because of some chemotherapy regimens.

CBD can help to keep the development of that sensitivity state from arising. According to a 2014 mice study, CBD doses given before paclitaxel stopped the development of nerve sensitivity in those rodents. The nervous systems of those mice were unharmed, but the treatment had no compromising effects on chemo.

One more study has proven that CBD can support mice’s kidneys, plus can reduce the kidney toxicity issue that occurs from cisplatin. For the uninitiated, cisplatin is among the chemo agents attributed to kidney damage.

Notwithstanding all the above, we still do not know whether CBD would be part of cancer treatment in the future. For a product like this to be an official treatment option for cancer, the US Food and Drug Administration should approve the same.

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