? BEATLE PEOPLE UNITE! KLSX-FM is canceling Breakfast With the Beatles, one of L.A.’s longest running, most cherished radio shows, and replacing it with an infomercial. (See page 18 for a full report.) Shit in a handbag, man. I like a good infomercial as much as the next gal (shoutout to my dawg Susan Lucci) — but in this case, I’m afraid, a boycott may be in order.

Between this and the Chase Manhattan credit card ad using “All You Need Is Love” — and let’s not forget the new Cirque Du Soleil/Beatles show in Vegas — it would seem that the legacy of the Fabs is being dragged through the commercial mire in a most brutal fashion lately. Can’t we Beatles fans just be left alone to love our music in peace?

I know nothing’s sacred anymore, but is nothing even special? Does anyone over at KLSX understand that this show is not really theirs to cancel? KLSX was merely husbanding a local institution that has lived — and been imitated — at numerous spots on the dial since Deirdre O’Donahue founded it back in the ’80s. In fact, considering that Breakfast With the Beatles was the inspiration for countless similar shows around the country, it’s really a national treasure.

On a personal note, it’s a place I turn to on Sunday, the most depressing day of the week, for a little of that internal sunshine — and maybe some sort of musical alternative to church. I’ve been listening since childhood. Just the other day I was telling my boyfriend about how host Chris Carter played “Hey Jude” — a song we’ve all heard 40 million times — and for the first time, I realized that John Lennon’s background vocals are heroic. The Beatles’ music just never stops giving.

Maybe Chase Manhattan, Cirque du Soleil and Sir Paul can get together and throw some of their pocket change into a fund to forever preserve America’s pre-eminent Beatles show. It would cost them so little, and mean so much! For now, though, you may voice your outrage via the Web site www.savebreakfastforthebeatles.com.

? IN THE GOOD NEWS DEPARTMENT, Collectors’ Choice records has just reissued four Andy Kim albums on a pair of double-CDs (How’d We Ever Get This Way/Rainbow Ride and Baby I Love You/Andy Kim). Not familiar? Well, Andy Kim is a gem from the ’70s, co-writer of the Archies’ “Sugar Sugar” and a solo artist of real charm. His best stuff, cowritten and produced by Brill Building giant Jeff Barry, is sort of a serious, singer-songwriterly twist on bubble-gum and Brill Building pop. Basically, Archies for grown-ups. (Or, at times, a less grandiose Neil Diamond. The many uncanny connections between Diamond and Kim — their swarthy looks, for starters — are chronicled at a funny Web site called “The Andy Kim/Neil Diamond Connection Twins Separated at Birth?”

Kim’s no Neil Diamond, either in terms of songwriting or vocal strength. Then again, he does have a breathy sexiness that Neil Diamond couldn’t touch. Diamond has the power and the glory, but Kim has the sexy. “Rock Me Gently” was Kim’s biggest radio hit, but for my money, nothing is more romantic and groovy than his cover of the Ronettes’ “Baby I Love You” — produced by its cowriter, Barry. These two beat Phil Spector at his own game. So fucking good.

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