As if Harper Simon didn't have big enough shoes to fill, the songwriter will open for mad-genius Brian Wilson on December 6th as part of Walt Disney Concert Hall's series, “West Coast Left Coast.”

Luckily the Paul Simon's oldest son has backup from a band made up of some might fine musicians: Money Mark, Farmer Dave Scher, The Chapin Sisters, bass player Erik Paparazzi (Cat Power), drummer Russell Simins (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion), and guitarist Mike Bloom (The Elected). Kicks off his West Coast tour with this special performance, and will return to L.A.'s Bootleg theater on December 18th, for a more intimate show.

No word as to whether Simon will play his country-tinged sing-alongs with Mr. Wilson, or with fellow openers, The Living Sisters (made up of Harper's friends Inara George, Becky Stark, and Eleni Mandell), but with that many talents in one room, the collaboration is in the air.

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Money Mark:

Russell Simmins with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Farmer Dave Scher

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