Handsome Dick and Josie Cotton in Long Beach: Saturday night sees former Dictators and DKT/MC5 singer Handsome Dick Manitoba perform at Alex’s Bar in Long Beach and then, on Sunday afternoon, Josie Cotton plays a matinee with “Queen of the High Desert” Jesika Von Rabbit.

The current lineup of punk pioneers the Dictators were recently in town, putting in a great shift opening for the Damned. Now it’s the ex singer’s turn. Handsome Dick Manitoba has put together a superb band, and this bill in Long Beach with the Infamous Stiff, Thee Toe Tags, and Isaac “The Phantom” Rother will be a riot.

Meanwhile, Cotton spoke to us three years ago, telling us at the time that, “There’s been an interest in me continuing next year, doing more of these ‘80s festivals, but then I’m not allowed to play my current music for six months in the area. I’m rereleasing all my records — 2020 is coming up and I get my masters back for my first two records with Elektra. That’s exciting. You have to know to ask for it and I accidentally found out about it. Then I will own all my own masters. After the first two, I’ll rerelease the other five I’ve done over the years.”

Last year she released “Ballad of Elvis Presley” with Kevin Preston. “I knew we had something very special,” Cotton said in a statement. “I avoided rockabilly and country music like the plague growing up, probably to annoy my Mom who was the world’s biggest Tammy Wynette fan,.. But when I left Texas to come to LA and met the Paine Brothers, they schooled me in how to write a real song and we started with who else but, yep ,Tammy Wynette.”

As for this Long Beach show, we’ll just have to wait and see what we get.

Handsome Dick and Josie Cotton in Long Beach: Handsome Dick Manitoba performs at 8 p.m. on Saturday, August 12, while Josie Cotton performs at 2 p.m. on Sunday, August 13, at Alex’s Bar.













































































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