Whitney Friedlander

Love Your Bean

Art Shaped Like Kidney Beans: A History

West Hollywood just got a lot more colorful. Three shiny, vibrant-hued, kidney-shaped sculptures from local artist Cosimo Cavallaro have been scattered like a giant jelly bean-themed Easter egg hunt across West Hollywood Park near the Pacific Design Center. Part of the city's Art on the Outside program, the temporary Love......
Credit: UPenn Press

The Controversial History of Flight Attendants

Thanks to pop culture phenoms like Mad Men, we are well aware of the association between beautiful, polished stewardesses and mid-century air travel. Used together, they showed the world how glamorous and successful Americans were during the Cold War. But a flight attendant was more than just an advertisement. She......

How Mary Tyler Moore Influenced Today's TV Shows

From Murphy Brown and 30 Rock to Sex and the City, New Girl and The Mindy Project, television shows have depicted women starting over, figuring out their lives and juggling their work-life balance. And for this genre, these ladies can thank Mary Tyler Moore. In her new book, Mary and......
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