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Young and hungry investment executives puff away on the heady mix alongside today’s agriculture elite.; Credit: Flow Kana

This Farm-to-Table Marijuana Dinner Serves Freshly Picked Greens

Here, on a patio at cocktail hour, there are joints laid out like truffles on a platter. Along with the wine from Los Olivos-based Habit Wine Company, there are also small vials inscribed with the name of this evening’s hosts, Flow Kana, who recently launched across the L.A. dispensary market. The joint we’re......
The 2019 Women's March Los Angeles in DTLA on Jan. 19; Credit: Star Foreman

This Cannabis Yoga Class Mixes Marijuana and Meditation

It’s a Friday night, and the mood is both giddy and relaxed at Goda Yoga studio in Culver City. The scene here in the lobby is a familiar one: barefoot and buff yogis check into class, lined up alongside tank tops for sale emblazoned with phrases like, “Heavily Meditated." In our arms,......
Credit: 10th Planet

Best Weed Workout

Sharpen your mind. Strengthen your body. Smoke before class. At Eddie Bravo's 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu school, practitioners of all skill levels are invited to learn Bravo's renegade approach to Jiu Jitsu, which, unlike most other forms of Jiu Jitsu, is practiced without a gi. In addition to being a......
Credit: The Strand Santa Monica Path

Best Beach Run

Nothing kills the momentum of a run like a traffic light every other block. Escape the delays and the car exhaust with a refreshing waterside run. Park on Pacific Coast Highway anywhere just south of Temescal Canyon Road and you'll see the Strand, a cement path that can be taken......
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Best Gym

It's an L.A. institution for a reason. Crunch, so often the butt of gym-rat jokes, is still the best place to get your bootie looking good. High-end classes can run you an arm and a leg in this town, and Crunch offers elite instruction in things like yoga and aerial......
Credit: Courtesy AuraCycle

Best Spin Studio

Spin class, ideally, should feel like a combination of church and a dance club, and the classes at AuraCycle perfectly strike this balance. The teachers here are inspirational and highly adept at pushing you to the next level, but the vibe feels decidedly less corporate new-age than what is served......
Credit: Drew Tewksbury

Best Store for Runners

It's a lesson many newbies learn the hard way: Running sucks if you're wearing the wrong shoes. Before you lose toenails and faith in yourself, head over to the good folks at A Runner's Circle. The employees are all avid runners themselves, and whether you are entering your first 5K......
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Best Salon

Good friends are good listeners, and great hairdressers feel like both. Whether you're in for a quick trim or a total transformation, stylist and owner Molly Scargall and her collaborator Joshua Kaplan, who opened Goo with her back in 1999, will give you something rare: the style you actually want......
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