Susan Park

Duck lumpia and beef satay; Credit: Susan Park

A First Look at Wallflower, a Modern Indonesian Restaurant in Venice

It's been over three years since L.A. architect Dustin Miles announced that he'd open a Southeast Asian restaurant in the old Ace Trophy building on Rose Avenue. Meanwhile, Superba Snack Bar, which opened in 2012, has helped turn the sleepy stretch of Venice into a dining destination.  The journey to......
Genwa's kobe beef; Credit: Courtesy Genwa

10 Best Korean Barbecue Restaurants in Los Angeles

In recent years, Los Angeles has been enjoying a resurgence of American-style barbecue with restaurants such as Spring Street Smoke House, Chop Daddy and Horse Thief. But when it comes to barbecue in L.A., Korean barbecue reigns supreme. There seems to be a restaurant with tabletop grills in every strip......
Susan Lee's smoked duck plate; Credit: Susan Park

A Former Hughes Aircraft Engineer Smokes 36 Ducks a Day in Koreatown

BBQ Crown opened three years ago in a tiny shack that previously housed a take-out coffee shop, in the same strip mall as Koreatown stalwart Mandarin House. The signage is riddled with Konglish, such as “Food Revelation” and “duck soup simmering with variety of healthy herbs." There's leftover branding from......