Sue Spaid

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In 1919, the German architect Bruno Taut organized the Crystal Chain, a correspondence linking about a dozen utopian architects who delighted in naturally occurring forms such as thrusting geological formations, spirals, billowing clouds of air, cresting waves and mist-producing crystal ca v erns. (Crystals offered a metaphor for the unity......
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Art Before Memory

Despite an increased awareness in Latin American modern art among U.S. enthusiasts, due in part to record-breaking auctions and the plethora of recently published monographs, Latin America's contemporary-art scene has received comparatively little attention here. Since the art world tends to uphold the rather smug assumption that it's impossible for......
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Nicole Eisenman at Shoshana Wayne

When viewing Nicole Eisenman's immense amalgam of paintings, photographs, installations and works on paper, one can't help but recall Marcel Duchamp's explanation for his antics: "I wanted to amuse myself." Eisenman's witty works upend our culture's shallow disregard for flesh's vulnerability, as her characters exhibit strength and autonomy despite apparent......
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Internationally known among commercial-art enthusiasts for his pop-inspired faunal and floral imagery, Japanese-born and -educated Hiro Yamagata is best known in the U.S. as the poster designer for the 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996 Olympic Committees. (He's also designed commemorative stuff for the Air and Space Bicentennial, the U.S. Constitution's......
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