Sherrie Li

Jessica Chastain should always be preceded with a sign that reads: "May cause seizures."; Credit: Jonathan Pierce

Writers Guild Awards 2013: Behind the Scenes

See also: *More L.A. Weekly Film Coverage *Streamy Awards: Online Video's Biggest Night Last night, men and women who are more used to working at home in their pajamas donned black tie attire for the 2013 Writers Guild Awards at the J.W. Marriott Los Angeles L.A. Live -- and it......
James Huang and Elizabeth Sandy in Starting from Scratch

Sex and the City Meets Some Like It Hot: Your Weekly Movie To-Do List

Friday, Feb. 15 Five days after Chinese New Year comes the first Asians on Film Festival at J.E.T. Studios, showcasing the work of up-and-coming Asian filmmakers. The red carpet begins at 6 p.m., and the winner of the Best Comedy prize, Starting From Scratch from writer-director-actor James Huang, screens at......
"We'll always have Paris."

From Vampires to V-Day: Your Weekly Movie To-Do List

Friday, Feb. 8 Barbra Streisand's award-winning directorial debut, Yentl, returns to the big screen at the Egyptian Theatre at 7:30 p.m. The musical that originated "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" and "The Way He Makes Me Feel" by composer Michel Legrand and lyricists Alan and Marilyn Bergman follows one woman's......
Bill Murray in Groundhog Day

Drunk and Possibly Crazy: Your Weekly Movie To-Do List

Friday, Feb. 1 Alcohol and social media come together for a special screening of Pixelschatten -- a German movie about a blogger, Pixel, who writes a life-changing post when he realizes he's the last of his friends to move on after their local fame fizzles out. Pixel represents all of......
Director Ted Sperling and actress Rachel Dratch.; Credit: Kerry Long

A Documentary About Celebrities Creating a Musical in 24 Hours

See also: *More L.A. Weekly Film Coverage *Our Calendar Section, Listing More Great Things to Do in L.A. Rome wasn't built in a day, but four musicals were created in one. On Jan. 30, a documentary called One Night Stand will screen across the country, giving a behind-the-curtain look at......
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in Carefree

Musicals and Chilean Political Advertising: Your Weekly Movie To-Do List

See also: *More L.A. Weekly Film Coverage *Our Calendar Section, Listing More Great Things to Do in L.A. Friday, Jan. 25 Inspired by true events, No gives a behind-the-scenes look at the political advertising during the 1988 Chilean national plebiscite. The film flawlessly incorporates the real "Yes" and "No" TV......
From The Unsinkable Henry Morgan

No Satisfaction Yet in the Search for Captain Henry Morgan's Satisfaction

See also: *10 Great Artworks at Art Platform Los Angeles Art Fair The Unsinkable Henry Morgan isn't your typical documentary. Following the search for the eponymous Captain Morgan's lost flagship, The Satisfaction, the film reads more like an episode of MTV's Laguna Beach or The Hills than anything you'd see......
The NeverEnding Story

Lust and Flying Dogs: Your Weekly Movie To-Do List

Friday, Jan. 18 "Never give up, and good luck will find you." Friday at midnight, Falkor, the lovable, flying dog-faced body pillow, returns to the big screen at Cinefamily in The NeverEnding Story. Relive your youthful imagination or conquer your childhood traumas (poor Artax) by helping underdog Bastian save the......
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