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Adele – Greek Theatre – 8/15/11

Better than... wallowing in your post-breakup remedy of whiskey, cigarettes and ice cream cake. Adele is chatty, which is a welcome change from bands that will play their songs and awkwardly leave without saying a word. With her thick cockney accent and distinct cackle, she enjoyed bantering with her fans......
Credit: Sheila Dichoso

Skylar Grey – The Glass House – 7/30/11

WHO: Skylar Grey WHERE: The Glass House WHEN: 07-30-11 Better than... the free parking at the Glass House. "Has anyone ever cheated on you?" Skylar Grey asked the crowd on Saturday night. The response was a sad, resounding "Yes." "What did he do?" someone asked the performer, but the music......
True Life: I used to play music.

Top Five '90s Shows MTV Should Bring Back

MTV turns the big 3-0 today. You know what that means: No more twin beds, Froot Loops or takings shots on a weekday. It's all back pain, fiber cereals and apple-picking trips from here on out. But seriously though -- the "music" channel hasn't aged well. It once seemed to......

Carmageddon Playlist: 7 Songs that Namecheck the 405 Freeway

By Sheila Dichoso Carmageddon is coming! We thought we'd remind you again about the three-day 405 shutdown. The media warns that chaos will ensue, so stay at home and smoke weed or something. The San Diego freeway is notoriously loathed. Because of its congestion, we put up with way too......
We can go for that!

Top 7 Hall & Oates-Sampled Hip-Hop Songs

By Sheila Dichoso Nothing says hip-hop like Hall & Oates. That's right. Not even the filthy mouths of 2 Live Crew could resist their soft rock hooks, luxurious hair and awkward, ambiguous lyrics. (You can't go for what, exactly?) From Wu Tang to Kanye, rappers have paid homage to the......
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