Scott Morrow

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This Note’s for You

Photo by Mike Hashimoto NEIL YOUNG Silver & Gold (Reprise) The second I put this on, I feel like I’ve entered the Time Tunnel. I’ve got my fringe leather on, I’m driving to the park with my girlfriend in my 1969 Opel GT to meet some friends, smoke a doob,......
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Groan Man

JOHN SCOFIELDBump (Verve) John Scofield, who’s played with everyone from Miles and Mingus to Medeski Martin & Wood, has finally gone and done released a classic of 21st-century groove-jazz. Bump is not exactly the Hammond-style soul jazz of its predecessor, A Go Go; it‘s one of those rare cases where......
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Truth or Hair

MARK LARSON AND BARNEY HOSKYNSThe Mullet: Hairstyle of the Gods (Bloomsbury PublishingSt. Martin’s Press) If you have ever gazed, with a mixture of astonishment and pity, upon a horrible bi-level haircut squealing by in a Trans Am, then the humor of this glossy small-coffee-table book (trailer coffee-table book?), The Mullet:......
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One glorious Saturday morning in the spring of 1974, my friends and I rode our bikes downtown to the record store/head shop. The typically cynical fat-guy employee (every record store/ comic-book shop has one) saw me looking over an Eno album. "Hey, man," he sneered, "what are you doin' with......
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English Frank, 1945–1998

English Frank was a true friend, and one of the most misunderstood people I’ve ever known. Those close to him, however, knew how thoughtful and considerate he really was. Maybe because he was adopted and an only child, he never took friendship for granted. Born Francis Reginald Kennington in Ealing,......
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