Nick Pinkerton

A Series on the Japanese Animation of Studio Ghibli Returns to L.A.

After Miramax had acquired Hayao Miyazaki's 1997 masterpiece Princess Mononoke for U.S. distribution, and as it was contemplating how to soften the bloody, distinctly PG-13 anime epic, Harvey Weinstein received a katana blade from Japan's Studio Ghibli inscribed with a simple legend: "No cuts." More than a bit of playful......
Nigel Terry

How Did Caravaggio Influence Movies?

While "cinematic" is wantonly thrown around when discussing other media, no word is so often misapplied in talking about movies as "painterly." Usually it's a vague descriptor indicating wowing cinematography — but LACMA's six-film "Cinema After Caravaggio" series attempts a more delicate project, trying to pinpoint a single painter's influence......

Gangster Squad Retells the Stories of Better Movies

Originally slated to open last September, Gangster Squad was delayed when the movie-theater shooting in Aurora, Colo., suddenly made a scene of gunfire in Grauman's Chinese Theatre "inappropriate." Four months later, a turn in the film's plot, which relies on gunning down an adolescent, risks recalling Newtown, but the proximity......
LA Weekly