Melissa Curtin

Ayara Thai Cuisine; Credit: Melissa Curtin

Where to Dine and Unwind Near LAX

Whether you are the kind relative who will pick your guest up at the airport during the holiday season or you just need to kill some time before dropping off a loved one, turn that hellish drive/commute to Los Angeles International Airport into a memorable excursion. For travelers and locals alike, arrange a pre- or post-airport outing at one of these stand-out eateries that will be a welcome jaunt on your escapade to one of America's biggest and busiest airports....
Shrimp ceviche tostada at La Tostadería; Credit: La Tostadería

Bargain Eats: 10 Lunches for Less Than 10 Bucks

Soothe your soul (and belly) with grub that won’t empty your wallet. Here are 10 dishes for $10 or less (drinks not included) — crunchy tacos, fresh ceviche, döner sandwiches, udon noodles, bowls topped with fresh sushi and homemade chorizo burritos. Los Angeles is a foodie paradise, its 503 square miles offering a vast array of hard-working Angelenos preparing your next lunch with pride....
For the morning after

L.A.'s Dream Dining Spots for Date Night (and After)

Los Angeles has plenty of places for a romantic rendezvous to spice up your date night. The idea is to keep your significant other intrigued, and of course to keep his or her belly full — because isn’t that the way to anyone’s heart, through their stomach? Here are some suggestions for an exciting food date beyond the typical night out....
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