Marnie Sehayek

Hannah Vandermolen; Credit: Maggie West

Gender Is Beautifully Blurred in Maggie West's Photos of Naked Bodies

Through Maggie West’s probing lens, all things are equally revered. With scientific equanimity, the photographer’s artistic work broaches portraiture and still life with in an inverted color scheme that makes the viewer reconsider just what they’re looking at. She makes flowers look like kaleidoscopes, bodily fluids look like candy-colored chemicals,......
Credit: Marnie Sehayek

5 Important Things We Learned About Sex From Experts at the Sexual Health Expo

At last weekend’s Sexual Health Expo, in between the tentacle dildos, genitalia-shaped novelty items and the plethora of rainbow-colored silicon doodads that throb to your playlist of choice, sexual health educators of every stripe offered nuanced and intelligent perspectives on sex. For those unable to attend, this list is a transmission......
Classic White; Credit: Parker Day

Meet Photographer Parker Day's Bizarre Cast of Characters

It can be hard to find your footing in the loosely networked sprawl of Los Angeles, but when Bay Area photographer Parker Day moved here in 2015, she used social media to curate a community. Using Instagram as her guide to an eclectic cast of local freaks, Day found a......
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