Lucas Peterson

Chefs Delilah Cannon

Two Chefs Who Left Prestigious Gigs for Skid Row

Two of the 54 fascinating Angelenos featured in L.A. Weekly's People Issue 2015. Skid Row's Union Rescue Mission, the largest private homeless shelter in the nation, began in 1891 as a small-scale effort to help the city's impoverished. According to mission lore, the phrase "falling off the wagon" originated there,......
Hearty spiced cider with baked apples at the Thirsty Crow; Credit: Lucas Peterson

It's Twelfth Night, Which Means It's Time for Cake and Wassail!

You’ve heard about the Twelve Days of Christmas, but how many of you were actually keeping track? Today, January 5, is officially Twelfth Night, the twelfth day after Christmas (according to the Catholic Church and Church of England, which counts December 25 as day one), and the day that your......
Roasted chicken breast from Fundamental LA; Credit: Lucas Peterson

Here's What Happens When You Uber Your Dinner

If you needed more evidence that Uber is slowly — service by service — taking over the world, then look no further than uberFRESH, the company's ever-expanding food delivery service.   They’re already driving you everywhere, financing your vehicles and giving you your flu shots. So, of course, why not......