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Thick-cut beef tongue at Kinjiro; Credit: Flickr/T.Tseng

6 Tongues You'll Actually Want to Eat

At first, the thought of eating an animal's tongue might make you squeamish. Then you think about what this organ meat actually is. The cow's tongue is a muscle, just like more common cuts of meat like lamb shank, filet mignon or flank steak — but it's much fattier, and mild......
Cutting Kitty cake; Credit: Photo Credit: Aaron Stein-Chester

5 Cheap Places for Authentic Brazilian That Aren't Overpriced Churrascarias

When you think of a Brazilian dinner, you might conjure up visions of ungodly portions of meat and fine-dining prices. The price tag at most Brazilian barbecue restaurants is enough to kill a craving. But there's perfectly seasoned barbecue — along with fried plantains, magical farofa sprinkles, the irresistibly gooey cheese......
Corned beef and cabbage at Finn McCool's

Where to Get Your Corned Beef and Cabbage Fix in L.A.

It's typical to see corned beef and cabbage on restaurant menus — Irish or not — around St. Patrick's Day. But corned beef and cabbage is not a traditional Irish meal. In fact, beef was long considered a luxury in Ireland, with most meals were centered around ham, bacon or......
Jameson's Irish Pub; Credit: Jameson's Irish Pub

10 Best Irish Pubs in L.A.

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us, and with it the urge to drink pause and reflect on some of our favorite Irish traditions. Starting Saturday, March 14, folks everywhere will be dressing up in green, drinking green beers, dancing to good music, and flocking to the many Irish bars in......
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