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Top 10 Holiday Gifts: Presents for Foodies

For some people, food is just the stuff we eat, but for others, it's a bit more important. Take your mother, whose favorite television show is Top Chef and who staged a Quickfire Gravy Challenge at Thanksgiving this year. From the boyfriend who says "yes chef!" when you're boiling pasta......
Credit: Eat Local

Top 10 Ways to Eat Local in L.A.

So you've read The Omnivore's Dilemma and watched Food, Inc twice, but you still aren't quite sure how to eat local in Los Angeles. The city is covered in exhaust smoke, and it's harder to imagine growing food here then being one of those people who, um, walk. Still for......

Top 10 Food Movies: Eat, Drink, Watch

Whether it's dinner and a movie or popcorn to munch on during the previews, your stomach is often tied to the cinematic experience. From the comic relief of Robin Williams cooking dinner dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire to Meg Ryan moaning over apple pie in When Harry met Sally, food can......
Check out the new farmers market at Barnsdall Park; Credit: Katherine Sacks

Market Report: New Market at Barnsdall Park

There's a new market to add to the already long list of Los Angeles farmers markets. In the heart of East Hollywood, the Los Angeles Medical Center (LAMC) Farmers Market at Barnsdall Park offers food lovers yet another opportunity to shop for local, California produce. For those of of you......
Happy hour at Birds in Hollywood; Credit: https://www.birdshollywood.com/

Top 10 Happy Hours: Penny Pinching Drinking

High on the list of traditional activities during economic hard times has always been watching movies--and hitting the bars. This town is, happily, very good for both. But it's really no fun to toast the movements of the Dow with a $15 martini, so save a penny at one of......
Pineapple guava from Sycamore Hill Ranch; Credit: Katherine Sacks

Market Report: Pineapple Guavas from Sycamore Hill Ranch

Amidst the barrels of apples, persimmons, and squash at last Sunday's Hollywood farmers market, a new fruit was up for grabs. Tucked between oranges and pomegranates on Sycamore Hill Ranch's table, green pineapple guavas caught the eye of more than a few shoppers who wondered just what the fruit was......
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